Recent Publications

Erinç Yeldan & Ebru Voyvoda (2020) “Impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak on Turkey’s Economy and a Policy Alternative for Protecting Labor Incomes” U of Massachusetts, Amherst, PERI Working Paper

Erinc Yeldan, Sevil Acar and Ahmet Aşıcı “” Euroepan Green New Deal and Its Expected Impact on the Turkish Economy Report Prepared for TUSIAD, The New Climate Regime – Executive Summary  2020.

Erinc Yeldan & Ebru Voyvoda 2020 “COVİD-19 Salgının Türkiye Ekonomisi Üzerine Etkileri ve Politika Alternatiflerinin Makroekonomik Genel Denge Analizi”

Acar, Sevil, Ebru Voyvoda and A. Erinç Yeldan  (2018) Macroeconomics of Climate Change in a Dualistic Economy: A Regional Computable General Equilibrium Analysis London: Academic Press & Elsevier.

Acar, Sevil and A. Erinç Yeldan (2018) “Investigating Patterns Of Carbon Convergence In An Uneven Economy: The Case Of Turkey” Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, no 46, pp 96-106.

Yeldan, A. Erinç (2017) “The economics of climate change action in Turkey: a commentary” New Perspectives on Turkey, 56, pp. 139-145. doi:10.1017/npt.2017.19

Kolsuz, Güneş and A. Erinç Yeldan (2017) “Macroeconomics Of Greening: A General Equilibrium Investigation for Turkey” Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, No 70: 1240-1250, April. DOİ: 10.1016/j.rser.2016.12.025

Yeldan, A. Erinç (2017) “Turkey’s Employment Subsidy Programme Under Great Recession: A General Equilibrium Assessment” International Review of Applied Economics, 31(2): 225-254. 


Voyvoda & Yeldan “Low Carbon Development Pathways and Priorities for Turkey” IPC and WWF-Turkey Report, 2015

Türkiye İçin Düşük Karbonlu Kalkınma Yolları ve Öncelikleri  İstanbul Politikalar Merkezi ve WWF – Türkiye

“Planning for Regional Development: A General Equilibrium Analysis for Turkey” pp. 291-331 in Yülek, M. (ed) Advances in General Equilibrium Modeling, Springer.

HOW TO GO GREEN: A General Equilibrium Investigation of Environmental Policies for Sustained Growth with an Application to Turkey’s Economy (Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences, 2014)

An Applied Endogenous Growth Model with Human and Knowledge Capital Accumulation for the Turkish Economy (2012) 

Yeldan, A. Erinç, Taşçı, Kamil, Voyvoda, Ebru and Özsan, Emin (2013) “Escape from the Middle Income Trap: Which Turkey?” Report Prepared for TURKONFED, Istanbul. March.

Yeldan, A. Erinç, Taşçı, Kamil, Voyvoda, Ebru and Özsan, Emin (2012) “Orta Gelir Tuzağından Çıkış: Hangi Türkiye?” Report Prepared for TURKONFED, Istanbul. December.


Türkonfed Raporu: Orta Gelir Tuzağından Çıkış Cilt 2

Türkiye’de Devlet, Demokrasi ve Toplumda Vasatlıkla Yüzleşme ve Bundan Çıkış Yolları (İSO İçin Hazırlanan Rapor, 2014)

Macroeconomics of Growth and Employment: The Case Turkey” Employment Working Paper No 108, ILO: Geneva, 2011

Turkish Experience With The Work Sharing Programme Under The Global Crisis, 2008 – 2010

A General Equilibrium Assessment of Twin-Targeting in Turkey” Chapter 8 in Beyond Inflation Targeting: Central Bank Policy For Employment: Creation, Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Growth (Edited Gerald Epstein and Erinc Yeldan). Edward Elgar Pub. 2009